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Here I will highlight some of my artworks in the past.





Graphics & Designs


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Hello, I'm Zubin


Is coexistence between light and shadow separable?


My approach in producing art and sounds is vital in discovering new boundaries while trying to find answers to the question above.

As an interdisciplinary artist, my creative process is passion driven, whether it’s paper making, sound designing, drawing or painting.

It’s a luxury to feel liberty.


My affinity for paper came with the answers to my question:

Which medium unifies opposites?

Paper contains fragility and strength at the same time.

When crumpled paper remain strong, erratic yet still fragile and that is where the interaction between sound, light and shadow begins for me. Drawing on a piece of crumpled paper is a challenge in redefining perspectives, which later becomes a relief.


Growing up in two different cultures made me feel as though my life was constantly moving between black and white. It often responds to light and dark, action and reaction, monochrome and polychrome, painting and sculpturing, tradition and modern,

silence and sound.

My works are a symbiosis of various opposite values.

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This Website is merely a dormant artistic presence which portrays past works.