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I am inspired be the nature of the crumpled effect  which is found in most objects e.g. paper, skin, textile etc. The minimal usage of colours is there to create a sort of illusion of a flattened imagery.

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Paper Relief Drawings | Objects


Each sheet of paper has its individuality and beauty. Crushing it gives it a twist, which you can never undo.
One has to trust the process.

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The traditional and modern form of raku firing inspired me to realise my thoughts and ideas. My very own crumpled style has been integrated into this medium as well.

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Hello, I'm Zubin


When I hear sounds or music I feel the urge to capture and paint the colours I see. As an acoustical being I am keen to incorporate the colours and movements of nature that surrounds me in the Black Forest into my artworks.

In the process in keeping the bondage of life to its minimal extent by fixing my focus towards the necessity I find reflections of my own self and my works within the reduction of the sujet. Restricting the process by using only one or two additional colours on top of two shades of blue brought me to the depth within the crumpled paper, spaces and inner peace.


Drawing on a piece of crushed paper often was a challenge in redefining perspectives. Altercating with my 'Paper Relief Drawings or Objects' led me to finding the inversion of the crumpled effect, which can be found in my abstract works. Through different layering of transparency depth is achieved on the surface. It leaves the crumpled effect on the embeded paper. It gives an impression of 2D and 3D for the observer.


Growing up in two different cultures gives the feeling as though my life was constantly moving between black and white. It often responds to light and dark, painting and sculpturing, tradition and modern, monochrome and polychrome, silence and sound.


I see myself as a painter who thinks like a sculptor.



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