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My life has been amazingly colourful and I love to live that way.

I prefer to experience those things that interest me.

To me life is made out of multi-dimensional layers.

It inspires me.

It moves me.

It fulfills me.

Creating my own beauty!

Am forever grateful.

When Dreams Come True



Drawings & Paintings


Selected figurative sketches and paintings are curated carefully to showcase my personal as well as artistic developments.

Inquiries regarding available works are most welcomed.

Brushstroke It!


Musical Past


Below are two tracks released in 1999/2005.

Come back again soon for free download of

Composed Poetry "Malay" Revisited

1999 - 2019.


Graphics & Designs


Some works of mine got on the front page and some are designed for personal use which many may not have been seen...


Social Projects


The German educational system was enriching and facilitated my creative growth as a kid. 

I felt the need to return the favour. Based on the Berliner Educational Program I then developed and conducted "sound and painting classes".

Learn more inside the portfolio linked below.


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phone: +49 (0) 7053 180 99 71

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Artist's Studio


Lives and works in Sommenhardt.

This Website is currently a dormant artistic presence while it is slowly being revamped.